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   Black Music Month Week Philadelphia was first introduced to The City of Philadelphia June 2012 by CEO and Founder Isaac M. Hamm III. Isaac a native of Philadelphia, started this dream of celebrating the legacies of black music through the development of his event marketing and promotions company

   The idea of fusing networking, music, fashion and community together during this week was designed to introduce the fact that black music has a great impact on the way Americans are emotionally driven by the genre of music they are listening to. No matter the occasion music is around us whether in the doctor’s office, in the market or hearing it blaring out of the windows of a moving car.

   Already having his annual event The Comeback “Philly Style” which pays homage to the contributions African Americans have made to the music industry. After three years of his successful event he decided to provide an opportunity for other producers to create their own events during this seven day week.

   In 2012 it was declared by The Mayor of Philadelphia Michele A. Nutter along with four other city officials: Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown, Councilman Kenyatta Jackson, Senator Vincent Hughes and State Representative Vanessa Brown who provided Isaac M. Hamm III & with citations for all the great work(s) he has done in The Philadelphia community. 

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